How to get there

By plane

Barcelona – El Prat Airport
• It is 15 km from Barcelona and 232 km from Sort.
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Lleida-Alguaire Airport
• It is 33 km from Lleida and 124 km from Sort.
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Girona Airport
• It is 96 km from Barcelona and 227 km from Sort.
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By bus

Alsa – Alsina Graells
• There are several stops in the city of Barcelona and also at the Barcelona – El Prat airport.
• It also has stops in Lleida.
• In Sort there is an only one bus stop in the centre of the town.
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By train

This means of transport does not reach the town of Sort, but will get to La Pobla de Segur from where the bus can be taken (Alsa – Alsina Graells) to reach Sort.
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By car

The main companyies in car rental services offer their vehicles in the airports.
The roads accessing Sort are:
Highway A2 Barcelona – Lleida
Road C-13: Tremp, La Pobla de Segur, Sort
Road N-260: La Seu d’Urgell, Sort